Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello Fellow Celiacs

Here is my first adventure into the digital realm. We need a way to communicate with each other. With this site we can share information about each of the Celiac Support groups in our area, about interesting events, foods we love or hate...

The only medical information we will share on this site will come from or be reviewed by one of our cherished physician or dietitian advisors.

The Akron are support group advisors are Dr. Costas Kefalas, Dr. Manzoor Qadir and Dr. Emory Collins. Our dietitian advisor is Kelly, but we also communicate with Sally and Trisha for their expertise.

My contact information is Therese Semonin, or by phone at 330-608-8436

October is Celiac Awareness month. There are many Celiac supporting events happening around Ohio this month.

Upcoming events include:

Akron Area CSA Chapter 111
Saturday October 11- Gluten free food tasting and speakers at Mustard Seed Market/ both locations/12-4. If you did not get the flyer let me know. Good speakers at 1 and 3, the speaker at 2 is Therese. Please share any favorite gluten free recipies that I can take give out.

Sunday October 12- Support group meeting will be on planning for the spring Celiac conference in Akron. Anyone who would like to take part in the planning process please come, classroom D&E at Children's Hospital, 2-4pm

November 8-** Columbus Event ** Columbus Celiac Conference. Several of us are carpooling. We will probably go down that morning and return in the evening.

November 9-Support group meeting at Akron Children's classroom D&E. Sharing of information from Columbus meeting

December 14- Support group meeting Holiday pot luck, cookie exchande, crafts for the kids more details as planning continues. Akron Children's classroom D&E

Starting in January we will have a little different set up for meetings. We will still have meetings every month. I would like your input to the plan.
The new plan being considered is to hold mew patient orientation every other month- so new patients don't need to wait long to come to a meeting. On the alternate months plan speakers, activities and more advanced stuff than we do at most meetings.
Also would you prefer a different day and time for the meetings? This is set for 2008 on Sundays, but we could change with the new year if it would be more convenient.

Dr Kefalas is arranging to bring Dr Green in to do Grand Rounds at Summa, possibly April or May. We are trying to set up having him talk to patients at a luncheon meeting the same day. Watch for info as it becomes available.

April 25- Akron Celiac Conference. Date is not yet set in stone. Anyone in the support group interensted in helping please come to the October 12 meeting. We will have the date set by then.

Wayne County Celiac Information and Support Group
Oct. 27 - Dr. Kefalas
Nov. 24- Carry-In/Pot Luck Holiday meal
Dec. 22 - Information from Columbus Conference
2009 - yet to be determined.

Wayne County meetings on 4th Monday of the month.
All of the Wayne County Celiac Support group meetings are at Dunlap Community Hospital's Community Meeting Room - 832 S. Main St., Orrville, Ohio ~ look for the yellow signs. My Contact information is Lynn McGinnis, Consulting Herbalist Weedy Ways 330-347-8231/330-345-5088. Our RD is Bobbie Randall of Dunlap 330-684-4776.

Greater Cleveland Celiac Support Group CSA Chapter #50 Events
Future events- mark your calendars if you haven’t already
Note: This is a reminder to mark your calendars- Details about next Sunday's meeting (October 19 in Parma) as well as other time sensitive information will follow in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope you will take advantage of the gluten free taste fair at the Mustard Seed Market in Solon on Saturday to try different gluten free products so you "don't waste your money" on things you do not like. (In the past Mustard Seed has offered shoppers 10% off on purchases made on the day of a gluten free event. Although I cannot guarantee they will offer the discount on Saturday- it is a good bet.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008 Gluten Free Taste Fair Mustard Seed Market- Solon
Noon to 4pm. The taste fair samples will include breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert foods. There will be three speakers who will present a medical lecture, a “how to shop for Gluten-Free foods” lecture, and a “how to cook Gluten-Free foods” lecture. Following each speaker will be a question and answer session. I am sure you like this one! I will be there answering questions. Stop by and say hello!

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Support group meeting at Parma Community Hospital Topic: Choices-We are faced with choices every day... What is for dinner? Which Halloween Candy is safe? Can I go out to eat safely? Is that gluten free? More Details in the next few days...

Saturday November 1, 2008 Gluten Free Dining Club Restaurant outing
Details in the next few days...

Saturday, November 8, 2008 Columbus Conference Nationwide Children’s Hospital Children's Hospital Nationwide Children's Hospital Education Center 614-355-0662The Conference is

Saturday- Nov.8th 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Registration Fees: $40
Click on: for conference information and to register. Registration fee includes: Educational materials and activities, lunch and snack breaks. As of today there are still spots available. Register today if possible, as the conference usually fills quickly.

December 7, 2008 Annual Cookie Exchange meeting at Parma Community Hospital and a review of the Columbus Conference

January 11, 2009 Bread Baking meeting at Solon Public Library

**Note all meeting times are 2 P.M. unless stated otherwise**
We encourage family members - especially of the newly diagnosed to attend.
Please RSVP as soon as possible by e-mail to:

Please forward this e-mail to anyone who may be interested in attending any of our events.
If this email was forwarded to you and you would like to join our email list contact Cindy at
Note: If your email changes, please let me know so I can continue to keep you informed of future events Cindy Koller-KassPresidentGreater Cleveland Celiac AssociationCSA/USA Chapter
Other area events and contacts will be posted as I get the information.

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Lynn said...

Great idea Therese! I cannot wait to share this information and site with the Wayne County Celiac Information and Support Group!! Our meetings are always the 4th Monday of the Month at 6:00 at Dunlap Community Hosptial, Orrville, Ohio. All are welcome!